Following your application via UCAS, if you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an assessment process at a United Learning school.

The assessment process has two stages. Stage one includes participation in a range of practical activities and interviews, including:

  • A formal interview with members of the United Teaching team and senior teachers. This will explore your motivation to teach, your experience in education or working with young people and your personal values with regard to teaching;
  • A discussion with a student panel. This will provide the opportunity for you to meet some of our students, drawn from a range of year groups, and find out more about our schools from their perspective;
  • A written ‘data assessment task’ focused on school-based information that will enable us to establish how you handle student data and your ability to make written arguments in an organised and rational manner. The information for this test is provided on the day and lasts 20 minutes;
  • A group debate exercise with other candidates about a relevant topic. The information you need is provided for you on the day. Having an awareness of key current educational matters is useful for this activity; and
  • A tour of the school and an introduction to the programme;

If you are successful on stage one you will be short-listed for the second stage of assessment. This is the opportunity to teach a prepared 30-minutes observed lesson to a class of students at the placement school of your choice within the group. This is followed by a reflective discussion on your lesson with the observer (usually a senior teacher or head of department in the school). What went well and how could you have made it even better?

Stage two assessments are usually held in the week following stage one. Your lesson topic, year group and the context for the children in your class will be shared with you in advance.

If successful over these two stages you will be offered a training place by United Teaching, and we endeavour to ensure that this is at your first choice of placement school. If this is not possible we will seek alternatives that work for you. It’s a rigorous process, but we hope that means we recruit trainee teachers with great potential and that you also build a much deeper understanding of both the course and profession, from the outset of your career with us.

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