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What they say...

‘From the outset, I was encouraged to take full responsibility for my classes; this gave me the confidence and freedom to find my own voice and to establish the atmosphere I wanted in my lessons.’

‘I felt that I could seek help about any issue, big or small, and was more inclined to take creative and bold risks with my teaching as a result.’

‘My year as a United Teaching trainee was an incredible (and incredibly demanding!) experience.’

'...an exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding first year in teaching...’

‘To have a class full of children hanging on to your every word, joining in with the games you devised for them, letting you know about their hopes, dreams, and worries, is the most rewarding part of the job…’

‘I am certain that choosing United Teaching has had a huge impact on my teaching, and am sure that I wouldn’t be the confident, understanding, and knowledgeable teacher I am today without them.’


United Teaching

United Teaching is the Initial Teacher Training scheme setting the standard for United Learning, a group of schools that, through sharing, can offer you more than any single school. Like training while you teach, learning from the best and sharing our expertise nationwide. With support from mentors and tutors across the Group, it all adds up to the best start for our children, and your career. Because here, teacher training is a path to senior leadership roles across the country.

‘The best in everyone’ is our guiding philosophy. And it enables us to set the standard for excellence in education that we expect in United Learning schools. We bring out the best in you as a teacher. We value you, work with your talent and passion, and challenge and stretch you. Which means that together, we can provide genuinely excellent education. Our schools, leaders and colleagues progress. And our students leave us with the qualifications – and the character – that they need to succeed.

Bringing out ‘the best in everyone’ starts with sharing: because by sharing resources,  and by working together we can achieve more as a Group than any single school could. It means you can draw on the expertise of peers, tutors and leaders alike. One person’s idea becomes everyone’s idea. And you fulfil your potential.

Our Group is a diverse mix of primary, secondary, state and independent schools across the country. So there’s plenty of variety on offer. You can request a specific school to train in. And while you’ll be dedicated to your chosen school for the year, you can also take up your second placement in one of our other schools.






United Learning