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United Teaching is the Initial Teacher Training Scheme for United Learning, a national group of schools that, through sharing, can offer you more than any single school could alone.

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Applications for the 2018 cohort are now open!


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There are over 50 schools in United Learning. By working together we can achieve more than any single school could. That’s the reality behind our guiding philosophy: ‘The best in everyone’. You’ll be joining an education group that shares resources, ideas, expertise, support and time. An approach designed to maximise the opportunities of our students and teachers alike.

From the outset, I was encouraged to take full responsibility for my classes; this gave me the confidence and freedom to find my own voice and to establish the atmosphere I wanted in my lessons.

My year as a United Teaching trainee was an incredible (and incredibly demanding!) experience. Throughout the year, the support of the other trainees within the Group was invaluable.

I have always thought that a school-based route was the best way to prepare teachers for the job, and I still do. It is more immersive, and more real, and even though the year is very intense, by the time your NQT year comes around, you are more than prepared for life in a school.

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Within just a couple of years, some of our trainees have gone on to become heads of year or faculty. We want trainees with the potential for rapid promotion in our schools and in other Group-wide positions. Find out more about how our ITT scheme could be the platform for you.



You could be teaching from day one, and training while you do so. This way you can get the teaching qualifications you need without going back to university, and without delaying the start to your career. It’s a swift and experience-rich route to Qualified Teacher Status.



With United Teaching you can train in any of United Learning's schools across England, from Kent to Cumbria, and even have the opportunity to take your second placement within the Group.

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