Applications for United Teaching are now open. You can submit yours via UCAS.

Before starting your application, please check that you are eligible for the United Teaching programme and ensure your referees are able to upload their statements to the UCAS website. Also confirm that your choice of subject is offered through - United Teaching.. Please ensure you distinguish between the salaried and bursary (further information can be found at education.gov.uk).

Apply for 2018

Applications for the 2018 cohort are now open!


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There are two application cycles:

  • Apply 1 is now open on the UCAS website. You may apply to up to three providers
  • If you are rejected by your first three selected places, you may go into Apply 2. This opens on 16th November 2017 on the UCAS website. You may apply to one place at a time

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our recruitment team. If you're successful, you'll be shortlisted for an assessment day. If your application is unsuccessful, you will be sent a rejection notification via the UCAS website. Alongside this, we will send you a separate email, outlining the areas against which your application has been assessed.

An Introduction

How to Complete Your Application

Requesting a Reference

Adding School and Work Experience

How To Use Apply 2

Professional Skills Test


Before applying, please contact your two planned referees to ensure they are able to supply their reference via the UCAS site. No paper references can be accepted. We will not receive your application until your references have been submitted.

Your references will need to come from two sources:

  • An academic reference from a current or recent tutor (This is not required if you have not attended university within the last five years, but it's still recommended to include if possible)
  • A professional reference, from a referee able to comment on your character and suitability as a teacher

Please note: If you're applying for the salaried route, one of your two references must be from an employer who knows you well.

More information for referees can be found on the UCAS site

For help applying through UCAS, you can download our 'How to' guide, or alternatively, contact us at train@unitedteaching.org.uk

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