Course Availability

At United Teaching we offer training across a range of subjects on salaried and unsalaried routes. Our 2019 cohort will offer places in both routes in the following subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, English, geography, history, maths and modern foreign languages. 

When applying for your teacher training programme on UCAS you will need your Training Provider Code, Programme Code and Location Code. A full list of United Teaching course codes are available to download here. United Teaching's Training Provider Code is 1A9. 

Training Programme QTS or PGCE Salary Option Code Open?
Art and Design QTS and PGCE Salaried 32XH  
Art and Design QTS Salaried 32XK  
Art and Design QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 32XG  
Art and Design QTS Unsalaried 32XJ  
Biology QTS and PGCE Salaried 23CQ  
Biology QTS Salaried 2VVL  
Biology QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 23CR  
Biology QTS Unsalaried 2VV6  
Business Studies QTS and PGCE Salaried 2WVV  
Business Studies QTS Salaried 32QX  
Business Studies QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 32XN  
Business Studies QTS Unsalaried 32XP  
Chemistry QTS and PGCE Salaried 23CV  
Chemistry QTS Salaried 2VVX  
Chemistry QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2L79  
Chemistry QTS Unsalaried 2VV8  
Computing QTS and PGCE Salaried 24RX  
Computing QTS Salaried 2VVY  
Computing QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 24RW  
Computing QTS Unsalaried 2VV9  
Design and Technology QTS and PGCE Salaried 2D7P  
Design and Technology QTS Salaried 2VVT  
Design and Technology QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2LXJ  
Design and Technology QTS Unsalaried 2VVB  
English QTS and PGCE Salaried 24Y5  
English QTS Salaried 2VVS  
English QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2L7C  
English QTS Unsalaried 2VVC  
Geography QTS and PGCE Salaried 24SB  
Geography QTS Salaried 2VVZ  
Geography QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 24SC  
Geography QTS Unsalaried 2VVD  
History QTS and PGCE Salaried 24SJ  
History QTS Salaried 2VVQ  
History QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2L7F  
History QTS Unsalaried 2VVF  
Mathematics QTS and PGCE Salaried 22HJ  
Mathematics QTS Salaried 2VVR  
Mathematics QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 23C2  
Mathematics QTS Unsalaried 2VVG  
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) QTS and PGCE Salaried 24T9  
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) QTS Salaried 2VVV  
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 24TL  
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) QTS Unsalaried 2VVH  
Music QTS and PGCE Salaried 2W28  
Music QTS Salaried 2W2B  
Music QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2W29  
Music QTS Unsalaried 2W2C  
Physical Education QTS Unsalaried 32XL  
Physics QTS and PGCE Salaried 24HD  
Physics QTS Salaried 2VVN  
Physics QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 24HK  
Physics QTS Unsalaried 2VVJ  
Primary QTS and PGCE Salaried 2MGR  
Primary QTS Salaried 2VVM  
Primary QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 24WY  
Primary QTS Unsalaried 2VV4  
Religious Education QTS and PGCE Salaried 2VBD  
Religious Education QTS Salaried 2VVP  
Religious Education QTS and PGCE Unsalaried 2VBB  
Religious Education QTS Unsalaried 2VVK  
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