Funding options

There are two funding options for the United Teaching scheme



It's never too late to consider training to teach. If you have 3 or more years’ work experience since graduating, you could earn a salary while you train with United Teaching.

Our salaried courses are extremely competitive. We are looking for exceptional candidates who have a good degree and academic qualifications, transferable work skills and a clear commitment to transforming young people’s lives. 

Many careers translate easily into the classroom, so you will be entering a profession that values the transferable skills gained in previous roles and work environments. Teaching combines interpersonal and communication skills with subject knowledge and a love of learning to create a fulfilling, rewarding career.   

Starting in September 2021, we are running some of our salaried courses through the government’s apprenticeship scheme. This will not differ from our regular salaried route in terms of course content; it simply enables our schools to access funding for your training. You can find further information about this on our Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship FAQs.




If you do not have three years’ work experience, you will need to pay your tuition fees (£9,000) and you’ll be entitled to apply for a student loan to cover fees and maintenance. You’ll start in September on a timetable of around 30% of a fully qualified teacher, gradually rising to 60-80% by Term 3.

More information about salary options can be found at The table below summarises the standard training bursaries available, as well as scholarships where applicable.

Scholarships with United Teaching

At United Teaching we strongly encourage trainees to apply for scholarships which are awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry

If you want to apply for a scholarship, please contact the relevant body directly for more information. Each application is a competitive process but please contact us if you need any help. You will only be eligible for a scholarship if you are undertaking training on the bursary route, but trainees awarded a scholarship cannot receive a bursary. However, trainees who are not awarded a scholarship will continue to be eligible for a standard student loan.




For trainees with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master's





£24,000 £26,000


£24,000 £26,000

Modern Foreign Languages (French/Spanish)

Geography £15,000  
Design Technology £15,000  



Figures correct October 2021


For full terms and conditions, please visit the Get into Teaching website

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