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Welcome to United Teaching

United Teaching is the initial teacher training scheme for United Learning, a national group of over 80 schools across England. With us, you can achieve your PGCE and QTS with extensive support from professional mentors, tutors and subject specialists. 

Applications for September 2022 are now open.

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Training to teach geography

The world is one big and amazing place and if it interests you as much as it does us, then you might be in the right place to come and inspire the next generation of explorers or climate champions (think COP26). Geography is a dynamic and engaging subject – it teaches us about the world at large, the environment, places, cultures, landscapes, and weather patterns just to skim the surface.


Why I chose to train with United Teaching straight from Uni

We met to have a chat with Laura who trained to teach with United Teaching straight from University. Laura teaches Science (Biology) in Kettering.  


What it's like coming straight from university into teacher training

Alice teaches Science in Kettering and came straight from University. So we asked her some questions about her time training to teach with United Teaching.


Career Changer: Food Technology

We had the pleasure of meeting Matthew recently and he told us all about his experience training with United Teaching. Matthew is a career changer and teaches Food Technology in Kettering. 


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