Our team

The United Teaching programme is led by a team of expert practitioners from across United Learning. 

You will also be supported by a Subject Mentor and a Professional Mentor to provide you with regular, in-school support, with access to university tutors and leaders from Goldsmiths, University of London (if you’re undertaking the PGCE).

Dawn Aytoun

Dawn Aytoun currently works at Guildford High Junior School as a Year 2 teacher. She is also responsible for the development of the PSHE curriculum across the school, and enhancing Staff and Pupil Wellbeing. She has previously worked as a Communication and Behaviour Manager at a specialist provision school in Portsmouth, and supported the development of inclusive classroom practice at the British School of the Netherlands. She returned from the Netherlands to be a trainee on the United Teaching programme herself. Dawn is passionate about empowering teachers to provide every child with the opportunities, knowledge and skills to be successful adults, as well as supporting teachers on their own journeys. She is delighted to be on the Primary team for United Teaching.

Vicki Cleaves

Vicki leads the United Teaching programme for secondary trainees in the south of England. She is responsible for developing the unique teacher training curriculum which is delivered through our lead school at Paddington Academy.

Vicki is Vice Principal for Initial Teacher Training at Paddington Academy.

Seamus Gibbons

Seamus is in his fifth year as headteacher at Langford Primary School and leads on curriculum and teaching and learning for United Teaching. He has an MA in Effective Learning (Distinction) from the Institute of Education – UCL. Prior to being headteacher at Langford, Seamus worked across numerous schools in Westminster and Hillingdon as an advanced skills teacher and Senior Leader. He is also a member of the DfE's Headteacher Reference Group.

Katie Gillam

Katie is the Accounting Officer for United Teaching and Principal at the lead school, Paddington Academy.

Yassamin Sheel

Yassamin leads United Teaching across our schools in northern and central England.

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